Monday, July 04, 2011

End of term presentation

Hi folks.
Well, Pete and I had a lovely time this morning at Charlie's end of term presentation.
It doesn't seem like five minutes since we went to his first one when he was in Reception, and now here is is, finishing his time in the Infants, and heading for Juniors.
All the children did really well and we were so proud of Charlie.
He remembered all his lines, said them with gusto, and the little bit he sang solo was right in tune and bang on time too!
He really does love being on stage - he's totally nerveless, and he's always bursting with confidence... he's a show-off, just like his mum!
He's really keen to join a drama club, so I'm on a mission to find something local that he can go to. Chas is never going to be able to join a football club or anything like that, so he might as well do something that he loves and that he can actually succeed at!
I've put a little slideshow with a few pics below - as always, I've blurred out the other children's faces - such a shame you can't hear the audio!

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