Wednesday, July 06, 2011

July 6, 2011

Well, it's raining again here. This is such a lousy summer.
It's still pretty warm, so Charlie can wear his shorts to school, but rainy nonetheless!
It's supposed to be the school fete tomorrow, but I'm not sure if it will go ahead with weather like this.
And then on Friday, Charlie finds out who his new teacher will be for next year, and gets to spend the day in his new classroom. He knows which teacher he'd prefer, but we have no idea who he'll get yet!
Nanny sent him a big Pirates of the Caribbean jigsaw today, so he had loads of fun putting it together when he got in from school today. He loves jigsaws - and they're even better when they've got his favourite characters on!
He's getting so grown up all of a sudden. Hard to believe my baby boy will be EIGHT in November.
Time goes by too quickly sometimes.

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