Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011

Hi folks.
It's been a busy old week this week. Charlie had his best friend Reuben over for tea on Tuesday - they had loads of fun playing with all his toys, and didn't even wreck the house, which is something of a miracle for two very excited seven-year-olds!
Mum came over on Wednesday - she and I went shopping after I picked her up from the station, and we were back in time to collect Charlie from school. He was so thrilled to see her when he came out of class - he loves her so much, and loves spending time with her - he even managed to talk her into a few games on the Wii!
Mum stayed the night, much to Charlie's delight - and he was up and dressed earlier than ever so he'd have time to play with Nanny before school.
I dropped her back home after a wander round the garden centre, and then whizzed back here in time to pick Charlie up from school and meet with his new teacher, who is really nice.
It was good to catch up with her and explain a bit about Charlie's heart and the precautions she needs to take because of his pacemaker and warfarin. She seemed really interested in everything and didn't run off screaming in terror, which is always a good thing!!
I'll be popping into school again the day before the kids go back in September (it's a teacher training day) along with the cardiac liaison nurse from the hospital, so we can run through everything officially with his teacher and the headmistress.
I still can't believe he's only got two more days in Year 2! It's Sports Day on Monday, and then he has a non-uniform day on Tuesday for the last day of term... and then the fun starts!
We're looking forward to this weekend as well - Pete and I are off to see the new Harry Potter film tomorrow, while Charlie is spends the afternoon with Nanny! (And just as an interesting aside, I found out today that JK Rowling - the author of the Harry Potter books - lived in Mum's village for almost a decade when she was young, and subsequently named one of the Quidditch teams in her books after the village! How cool is that for a bit of useless information!!)
I'm still limping around on my sprained ankle - the bruising is spreading down my foot, but it seems to be less painful, although it's weak and wobbly and still pretty sore if I catch it at a funny angle. Am counting my blessings that it's not broken though!
That's about it for now, I think. Watch this space though, because there could be some pretty interesting and exciting news coming some time this weekend...

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