Thursday, August 04, 2011

August 4, 2011

Well, we've had a pretty hot and humid week so far, but it's raining again today!
Charlie has been at holiday club every morning this week, and he's really enjoying it. He had to go dressed as a spy today, and I didn't fancy forking out for a James Bond-style dinner suit, nor the traditional trench coat and trilby, so we improvised!
He's gone in a dark shirt and shorts with lots of gadgets - binoculars around his neck, a toy iPhone and Bluetooth headset, a water pistol and the obligatory pair of dark glasses! We figured he was more of a Mission Impossible type of spy... he's probably almost as tall as Tom Cruise anyway!
Pete is at a big conference with work today, so I have a couple of hours to myself before I go to collect Charlie.
I spent yesterday sorting and washing the bags of baby girl clothes my friend gave me - it's certainly a novelty seeing girly stuff whirling around in my washing machine! Fun though. So there are now lots of little babygros and dresses in her wardrobe and drawers - Charlie keeps peeping in at the little dresses hanging there, and saying 'I can't believe in just a few weeks there will be a baby wearing those clothes!'
Time is certainly starting to whizz by now. We have a VERY busy few weeks ahead - the summer holiday is pretty packed. Plus we are on a mission to clear the loft, which is groaning at the seams.
I don't fancy hauling bags of stuff up and down the ladder on my own though, so I'll have to hold off until Pete is here and can fetch them down for me. I think we might need to hire a skip!

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