Friday, August 05, 2011

August 5, 2011

Hi folks.
Well, I don't quite know what to do with myself - Charlie was at holiday club all morning and then when I went to pick him up, one of his friends invited him round to play this afternoon.
He came home for his lunch and then I dropped him at his friend's house. He's having tea there so I don't have to pick him up until about 5.30.
So I have a very quiet (and tidy) house this afternoon. I do miss him when he's not here!
It's too hot to go in the loft to sort it out - plus I really need Pete to help me bring stuff up and down and he is flat out with work at the moment.
So I've had a productive (?) afternoon washing doors and paintwork around the house. (I really do think it must be my nesting instinct kicking in a bit early because I'm generally not a woodwork-washing type of person at all!! (My mum, on the other hand...)
I've also been having fun with the exercise ball I bought yesterday!
I've had quite a few problems with creaky, achy joints throughout this pregnancy... probably a combination of old age setting in, SPD and baby-related sciatica. (Although I must say, it's nice to be worrying about 'normal' stuff for a change!)
Anyway, I read that sitting on an exercise ball can really help with a sore back (and they're supposed to be pretty useful during labour as well, but I'm not thinking about that bit yet.)
So I picked up a ball while Charlie and I were at the shops yesterday for the bargain price of £5 - including a little pump to inflate it. (Although I must confess it nearly killed me blowing the thing - it took AGES.)
But needless to say, I didn't get much chance to use it once Charlie got his hands on it. As he said this morning: "This ball is such a great idea Mum - it helps you with your sore back and provides me with hours of entertainment!"
Honestly, he's like a little old man sometimes, the things he comes out with.
I didn't think to take a pic of him mid-bounce, but I'm sure I'll get the opportunity again later on!
We're off to the hospital again next week for another ultrasound scan. I'll be 32.5wks, and Charlie is itching to see his little sister again. We're also supposed to be catching up with the midwifery consultant to work out a plan for delivery. Eek.
I'll put a full update on my baby blog after the appointment - just click the button in the left-hand sidebar if you want to know the latest!
Have attached a picture of cheeky Charlie yesterday, showing off the cuddly Smurf he got at McDonalds. (Oh great - another piece of junk to clutter up my already-full house!!)
Back soon.

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