Saturday, August 06, 2011


Poor Charlie has been up and down most of the night with what seems to be food poisoning. :-(
At least I'm hoping it's food poisoning because I REALLY don't want it to be anything that I can catch off him.
He threw up all over the place late last night, so we were hosing him off in the bath at 11.30pm while we changed his bed, and then he was up another two or three times throughout the night being sick.
So the washing machine has been on overdrive all night, we've gone through numerous sets of pyjamas and towels, and we're thinking of buying shares in hand sanitiser.
It all seems to have tailed off now, thank goodness, and he's saying he's hungry which is a good sign, but for the time being I'm just giving him water to keep him hydrated.
He has some colour back in his cheeks and seems fine in himself now, albeit a bit washed out.
Just for the record though, scraping vomit out of carpet is my very least favourite job in the whole of parenthood.

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