Saturday, August 20, 2011

A busy week...

Hi folks.
Well, we haven't stopped this week!
On Tuesday Charlie and I headed off to a farm park to meet up with his heart friend Thomas, along with his mum and little brother.
We had quite an exciting journey there - I'd put the postcode in the satnav and we were within two minutes of arriving when it tried to direct us down a road labelled 'Ford' and 'Unsuitable for motor vehicles'.
Obviously we drove down there anyway, just to have a look and there was a VERY deep ford down there. A man in a big 4x4 was ahead of us and he drove straight through - but the water reached the bottom of his doors.
So Charlie and I made an executive decision that our low-slung hatchback would most likely float away downstream, so we had to reverse all the way back up the windy, muddy little track.
To top the lot, there was no phone or Internet signal so I couldn't check the address details or even ring anyone to find out where to go.
We finally made it back to the main road and the satnav told us to take the next left, which led to... another ford!
So after a very tight three-point turn, we got back to the main road again and we managed to flag down a farmer in a tractor who gave us directions!
So we were a bit late arriving, but we got there in the end!
The kids had a fab time - their favourite part was the 'bouncy pillows' - like a bouncy castle but flatter and squishier!
It was great to watch the pair of them leaping around like lunatics, with neither of them turning blue or getting breathless!
I'm attaching a couple of pics - don't you just love Charlie's hair on the one of him on his own?!
Then on Wednesday we went out to Cafe Junior with my friend Kelly and her two girls. It's a cafe in a converted church where the kids can run free and play with loads of toys, while the mums can chill and drink coffee! (or hot chocolate in my case - I still can't stomach coffee!)
My aunt came to visit on Thursday and we had a lovely couple of days. She brought a huge pile of things for the baby, so we had fun oohing and aahing over all the little girly bits and pieces!
Now we're off to the cinema to watch either Horrid Henry or Smurfs - they are both on at the same time so Charlie is waiting until the last minute to decide what he wants to see.
Oh - and I upgraded my iPhone yesterday! Yee-hah! It is so good to have a camera with a flash again - just in time to take some pictures of Charlie with his little sister (as and when she decides to make an appearance!)

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