Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A VERY happy Charlie!!

Well, our day has just got better and better!
We came to Shaftesbury Avenue quite early so we could get tea before the show starts. We checked at the box office to see if Alfie Boe would be performing tonight - and Charlie was highly delighted to hear that he is better and will be on stage later!
As we were outside the theatre, and had a bit of time to kill, we wandered around the back to show Charlie the stage door.
And who should be going in? None other than Alfie Boe himself!
It was purely by chance - ten minutes earlier or later and we'd have missed him.
It was one of those priceless parental moments, watching your child doing something that makes them SO happy!
A few weeks ago, Charlie drew a picture of Alfie Boe in costume and asked me to send it to him, along with a letter he wrote. I didn't have a clue where I should send it to, so I just addressed the envelope to the theatre and hoped for the best.
So tonight, Chas introduced himself to Alfie, and mentioned that he had sent him a drawing a few weeks ago.
You can imagine how thrilled Charlie was (and how surprised we were!) when Alfie knew straight away what the picture was of, and told Charlie that it has been stuck on his dressing room wall ever since!
I suppose it's a bit of a novelty for him to have a seven-year-old fan, rather than the usual middle-aged ladies!
Alfie was more than happy to have his picture taken with a decidedly starstruck Charlie - and we even had a quick chat with Matt Lucas as he was passing too!
So, I have an unbelievably excited and happy son, who is scoffing McDonalds as I write, chattering nineteen to the dozen about Alfie Boe, and counting the minutes until we go back to the theatre to watch his 'very favourite Valjean'!
What a day, eh - an encounter with Charlie's hero AND first class train seats... life is good!


Jenny said...

Awwwww! That's such a great story! Good for Charlie! I bet he'll remember that forever. :) :) Glad you guys had such a great day!

Anonymous said...

Lucky boy Charlie, and what a great guy Alfie is whatever your age, and can not even call myself a middle aged lady...just a little over that age!!!