Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another first...

Well, we did brave the cinema with Rosie and it was a total success! Charlie made more noise slurping his freezy drink than she did!
She slept through three-quarters of the film and then sat quietly on my knee and watched the last part... although I think she liked watching the white credits rolling on the black background most of all!
I was poised to take her out if she made any noise, but she was as good as gold!
Here's a pic of Charlie and Rosie after the film - I've made the pic black and white because the flash made the colours go funny, but you get the idea!
Bring on Arthur Christmas!! :-)

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Anonymous said...

There we go, I told you it would be fine, jaz was the same age when we first took her and I was the same ready to run out with her if she started crying, when you're going to see a family or a kids film there's no big deal, most others are in the same position with little ones or have been at some point, I think it's rude inconsiderate adults that should know better that are more likely to get on others nerves!! Kelxxxxxx