Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22, 2011

I'm pleased to report that Charlie seems to be shaking off his cold, and although Rosie is still pretty snotty, she's sleeping and eating fine, and is still a happy little lady.
Talking of sleeping, she is doing brilliantly on that score, and I would say she slept through for the first time last night - she went to bed at 11.45pm and didn't wake up until 6.05am - which I think is VERY respectable for a little girl who's only six weeks old!
She's also really started smiling lots now - big open-mouthed grins - particularly at Charlie!
He really does love her to bits... and it's looking like the feeling is mutual!
He's gone to school with his pocket money today because the Christmas shop has opened - he's hoping to do his Christmas shopping! He always buys lovely presents for Nanny and Pete and me, and he's very excited to be shopping for his little sis too this year!
Life is really starting to become manic now - in the best possible way - it's that exciting run-down to Christmas, and I don't think we have a free week-end (or many week days!) until some time in mid-January! But that's the way we like it, and we've got lots of fun stuff planned - so watch this space!

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