Thursday, December 01, 2011

12lbs 8oz!

As you can see from the heading, Rosie is still growing like mad. Although it's hard to imagine that she's still an ounce lighter than they thought she would be at birth!
The doctor was really pleased with her - she passed all her tests with flying colours. She is definitely a big girl - up on the 91st centile for weight, and she is long too - only an inch off two feet already. She'll be taller than me in no time!
Everything was fine with me too - my scar has healed well and the residual numbness from my spinal block is slowly improving. My blood pressure was good too - 100/60, which is pretty normal for me. (It was much the same the night after Rosie was born, but for some reason the nurses thought it was too low and kept pumping me full of IV Hartmann's solution...)
Anyway, I'm off to bed - Rosie is fast asleep so I'd better make the most of it while I can! :-)

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