Thursday, December 01, 2011

December 1, 2011

Well, there goes November! Another month has shot by. It's hard to believe that Rosie will be two months old in just ten days. Time is flying by scarily fast.
Rosie is still doing really well - I'm taking her for a somewhat belated 6-week check later today and I'm intrigued to see how much she has grown. She certainly feels heavier and is wearing mostly 0-3mth clothes now as her newborn stuff is too small. I'll update with how we get on later.
She's still sleeping brilliantly - she dozed off in my arms downstairs last night at about 9.30pm, but when I came to bed at about 11pm, she was NOT waking up for a feed, regardless of how cold the baby wipes were when I changed her nappy!
I put her to bed anyway and figured I'd feed her the next time she woke up instead.
Fast forward to 6.10am, when she finally decided she might like some milk! That's nearly 9 hours! What a superstar she is!
Charlie is also on top form - very excited that December is finally here and he can crack open his Advent calendar!
He had the day off school yesterday because the teachers were on strike, so we went into Cardiff to meet up with my mum and aunt who popped down for a visit.
Back to school today though, and the festive hysteria will really begin because the Infants will be collecting the school Christmas tree, followed tomorrow by a special assembly when the tree is lit.
We have a fun weekend ahead too - we're going to meet Charlie's heart friend Thomas at the Snowdome near Birmingham - I foresee much snowballing and sledging fun! Plus there's a show with Zippy and George from the old kids' programme 'Rainbow' which will be a fun blast from the past.
We're also hoping to catch Arthur Christmas at the cinema this weekend, and the kids (yes, I'm still getting an insane amount of pleasure from those two simple words!!) will be having their first proper meeting with the beardy old man in the red suit!
Oh, and it's my big sister's birthday today so Happy Birthday, and Many Happy Returns Fi!
That's about it for now - back later with the latest on Rosie.

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