Thursday, December 08, 2011

50,000; hand-me-downs and more random ramblings...

Hi folks.
First of all, I just noticed that this blog has now had more than 50,000 hits! How crazy is that!
I know lots of blogs get many, many more visitors than mine, but it never ceases to amaze me just how many of you drop by to see what we've been up to.
It still gives Charlie a buzz when far-flung countries pop up on the visitor map!
So thanks to all of you for reading my ramblings - we feel like we've made so many new friends through blogging.
So. What else are we up to?
Rosie (who slept from 9.45pm-6.25am last night!!) and I have had a very festive morning. We've been sitting by the fire, listening to Christmas carols and wrapping presents!
She has been happy as a clam, laughing and smiling at me, and studying the fluorescent pink maraca clutched in her fist. (Chas won a pair of the maracas in the lucky dip at the school Christmas Fayre, and donated them to Rosie - they are the perfect size for her little hands!)
She's been wearing the little stripy coat you can see in the picture a lot lately - it was Charlie's when he was little, and it gives me so much pleasure to see her wearing some of his old things. There weren't too many unisex things, but I'm enjoying putting her in the things we've got!
We had kept all of Charlie's things, in case our next child was a boy - yes, I do mean we've had eight years worth of his clothes filling the loft - but since Rosie arrived, I've sorted through them all.
I've kept the few bits she'll be able to use and passed all the lovely baby boy things onto my sister-in-law's sister who (very conveniently!!) had a gorgeous little boy called Owain last week. The British Heart Foundation also sent one of their vans to collect the rest last week - there were about 20 sacks of clothes and toys - so you can almost hear the attic sighing in relief (although it's still very full!)
Charlie is full of Christmas spirit - he's really enjoying sharing all our Christmas traditions with his little sister this year. We're off to see Father Christmas again this weekend - this time at Cardiff Castle - which should be lovely.
I've ALMOST finished our Christmas shopping - just a few last finishing touches to buy. With the exception of Pete's present, that is. I haven't a clue what to buy him. I've exhausted all the ideas I had on his birthday presents! There's nothing he really wants, and it seems pointless to buy more junk just for the sake of it - especially having just sent so much stuff to the charity shop! Ah well - I'm in town a few times between now and Christmas, so hopefully I can get some inspiration while I'm wandering round the shops!
Charlie is very excited because Nanny is coming next week to see his school carol concert, and then to see his youth club Nativity play in the evening. He's a wise man in the Nativity play - he did ask if we could put Rosie forward for the part of Baby Jesus, but I think she's a bit heavy and wiggly for a cardboard manger!
Anyway, I think that's about it for now - watch this space later on for some dancing elves!! :-)

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Wodzisz Family said...

I am so glad I am not the only one that kept all my boys clothes...just in case. I just bring the bag down when Hope moves to a bigger size and go through them and decide what she 'can' wear. If it were up to hubby...I would have her in anything. I have bags left from 2T through 5T from the boys and it grows every year. I feel much better knowing I am not the only one!