Saturday, December 10, 2011

Two months.

Ok, so I have NO idea where time is going these days.
I simply cannot believe that Rosie is two whole months old already.
While I am loving every minute of watching her grow and learn new things, I do wish it would all slow down a bit.
So - what is she doing nowadays?
She's still in size two nappies, but other than a few vests, newborn size clothes are no more. She has been wearing 0-3mth for a couple of weeks now, although I have a sneaking suspicion she might be into 3-6mth before she hits three months. She is very long, and there's not much room lengthwise in 0-3mth stuff.
She is still feeding very well - I tend to feed her on demand during the day so I'm not sure how many feeds she has, although she does feed very quickly and is usually finished in 10-15 minutes.
She's still growing well too - as I mentioned before, she was 12lb8oz last week and I wouldn't be surprised if she has hit 13lbs by now. I'm having to be careful picking her up out of her crib because it's too high for me to use my knees when I'm lifting her and I can already feel my back complaining a bit!
Rosie is such a happy baby still - she smiles all the time now and really chuckles too - particularly at Chas. You no longer have to leap around making silly noises to make her smile - she will normally smile back now when you smile at her. (which makes taking pictures a WHOLE lot easier!)
She has found her hands and is starting to bat at toys with some accuracy. She is also putting things in her mouth - especially her pink maracas from Charlie and her muslin squares.
In fact, I have a suspicion she might be starting to teethe already - she's been very dribbly, is chewing her fists and anything else she can get her gums on, and you can see little white bumps under her gums. Charlie was early getting his teeth so it wouldn't be a huge surprise.
Oh, and she is still a superstar sleeper - she slept 9.30pm-7.15am last night which seems to be her norm at present - something for which I am VERY grateful. Long may it last! :-)
She has even settled herself to sleep the last few nights - I've put her in her crib still awake and she has wriggled a bit, banged on the bars a bit, played with the black and white pictures on her crib, chatted to herself for a minute or two, yawned enormously and gone to sleep. So let's hope that carries on as well!
I think that's about it for now - it'll probably seem like five minutes until I'm back with her three-month post!

We're off to Cardiff today to watch the city nativity play, so that should be fun (although I imagine town will be packed!)
Back soon - happy Saturday everybody!

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