Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10, 2011

We've had a good day today - the Nativity play we saw in Cardiff was lovely - with real donkeys and a suitably wily King Herod!
Charlie bumped into some of his friends, so he had a great time, and Rosie sat quietly throughout and seemed to enjoy her first experience of live theatre!
Town was busy, but not too crazy because we were there early, so we managed to crack on with the Christmas shopping, and it's all finished! (All except my presents for Pete - I feel some last-minute Amazon shopping coming on...)
We managed to find the perfect chewy teething ring for Rosie - like I said before, she's been chomping on her pink maracas, which probably aren't the safest - so we wanted something chewable but safe. We picked up a rubbery green snake teether, curled into a ring, with a big chewy bobble where its tongue should be.
Needless to say, it's a big hit with Rosie, and she's been chewing it all afternoon! (Charlie promptly christened it 'Nagini' after Voldemort's snake in Harry Potter!)
Chas had a great time in town too - we went to his favourite cafe for lunch and then he and Pete wandered around the John Lewis toy department while I fed Rosie.
He was VERY excited to find some of the cast of Star Wars there, and met Darth Maul, along with a snow trooper and a storm trooper. (At least that's who he tells me he met - I haven't a clue!)
So we're home again now, the Christmas lights are twinkling and I need to wrap all the presents we bought today. Charlie is all set to watch the next episode of 'Box of Delights' later, and we're off to see Father Christmas at Cardiff Castle tomorrow with Charlie's friend's Seren and Jasmine... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Ho Ho Ho!

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