Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More hand-me-downs!

These little dungarees were Charlie's - I saw them in Mothercare while I was pregnant with him, and promised myself that if everything turned out ok and we brought him home safely, I would buy them for him.
Needless to say, our first trip once we got home was to Mothercare!
I'm so pleased to be able to put them on Rosie now! (And isn't she looking scarily grown up already?)
She's also modelling a very well-travelled item of clothing today - my aunt sent a few outfits for her when she was born, including the little white top she's wearing in this pic... all the way from New Zealand! (She also sent a cuddly kiwi in All-Black kit for Charlie, who, coincidentally, supported NZ all the way through the rugby world cup!)
I really can't believe how kind everyone has been to this precious little girl - she's even received two more 'new baby' gifts in the last week or so. She really has been truly spoilt... but she's worth it!
It was Charlie's first day of Christmas holidays today. He's getting more and more excited as the days go by.
He's looking forward to tomorrow because his Aunty Ruth (my friend from uni) is coming to visit and we're taking her to see Father Christmas at the local garden centre! Ho Ho Ho!
I know I still have a big catch-up post to write, but I haven't had time to turn the computer on lately (where all the pictures are stored) - at the moment I'm just having to blog on the run via my iPhone!

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