Monday, December 19, 2011

Pacemaker clinic

Hi folks - we just got back from pacemaker clinic and I'm pleased to report that all is well!
Charlie's pacemaker is still working perfectly and the battery life is sitting at 11.5 years, with a minimum of 9.5 years left.
So it looks like he'll be running around like the Duracell bunny for a bit longer!
I'll write a proper post soon - I have some random pictures which I've been meaning to post plus an update on all the festive stuff we've been up to.
But Charlie's at school and Rosie's asleep so I need to wrap some presents (And no, I still haven't written or posted any Christmas cards and I've missed the second class posting date yet again so I had to spend more than £30 on first class stamps this morning! So bear with me - you will get your Christmas cards... I'm just not sure when!)
Here's a pic of my handsome Charlie-Barley at his school Christmas concert. Doesn't he look grown up!?!

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Ann Fisher said...

Great photo ;)