Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17, 2012

Well, where has that week gone? It's crazy to think that half term has already been and gone.
The builders are doing well - the front of the garage is bricked up to window height, insulation, damp course and supporting framework is down on the floor along with a few floorboards, and the framework and insulation is up around the walls ready to be covered in plasterboard once the surveyor has been back again. We need to figure out how many plug sockets we need over the weekend because they'll be running the wires through on Monday. It's so funny to think we'll have a whole new useable room soon!
Charlie's had a nice half term, although we haven't really done much because of the builders. My sister and her kids came to visit yesterday, which was fun, with lots of coffee and chat (us) and frantic Mario Kart battles on the Wii (the kids!)
I spent half an hour jammed under the bath yesterday night trying to work out why it was still leaking - turns out the water is seeping through around the edge of the tap. So I tightened the bolt thing (technical term, that!) and slathered a bit of sealant around it above and below. I'm just about to dive into the shower now, so I'll have to listen out for Pete and Charlie yelling if the water starts coming through the ceiling again!
That's about it - here's a few pics - Charlie messing around the other day when we went out for lunch (oh for the days when he'd just smile for the camera when I asked him!); Rosie licking the last smears of dinner off her spoon (I can't imagine who decided that butternut squash, carrot, apple and prunes would be a good combo, but she seems to like it!) and modelling another of her lovely new outfits today! :-)
Have a nice weekend everyone!

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