Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Garage conversion... Day One!

Charlie's had great fun watching the builders today - he'd have happily stood there the whole time if I'd let him! (I think he thinks he's the foreman!)
All's going well so far - they've taken the garage door and its hinges out, built the wall up in insulated blocks, put the first bit of insulation in, and done the first couple of courses of bricks. And even more exciting, they mended the outside tap in the back garden! It started leaking madly (spraying all over the place even when it was turned off...) a LONG time ago, so we just turned off the isolator tap under the sink and managed without it.
But Alan the builder wanted to use it for making the cement, rather than having to trail through the kitchen, so he nipped home, picked up a few bits and pieces and fixed it for us!
They've left for the day now because everything needs to dry out. They'll be back at 8.30am tomorrow though.
The surveyor from the council is also coming tomorrow to check everything is ok.
It's all very exciting!

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