Friday, February 10, 2012

Four months

Rosie is four months old today. Eek. That's a whole third of a year gone already. 

She's got a horrid cold at the moment - the perils of an eight-year-old brother sharing all his school germs with her, I think! In spite of that though, she's still a little ray of sunshine. 

So. What is our little four-month-old getting up to these days?

She weighs 15lbs and is still very tall for her age. She's moved into 3-6mth clothes (apart from my favourite 0-3mth outfits, which I'm still squeezing her into for the last couple of times before I have to finally concede that they're too small!) She's in size 3 nappies. 

We've started giving her a bit of solid food this week too - the advice at the moment (which seems to change every time I have a baby...) is to hold off until six months if possible, but the health visitor recommended we start Rosie on some proper food now because she's showing all the signs of being ready for it already. 

She likes baby rice and wolfs it down in no time with hardly any mess at all! She tried apple purée today for the first time - on its own and mixed with her rice - and loved that too. 

She still hasn't popped a tooth through, despite drooling incessantly and chewing her fingers and anything else she can get her hands on. Her gums are very bumpy though. 

Favourite toys are still her crinkly dolly and her cuddly bunny, as well as her new toy TV that plays the theme tune from Everything's Rosie. She's not particularly interested in watching television really, but as soon as the theme music starts playing, her head snaps around to see where it's coming from. (I had to laugh this morning - she was in her crib while I was getting Charlie ready for school, and started grumbling because she wanted to get out - so I pulled up an episode of Everything's Rosie on iPlayer on my phone, pressed play and stuck the phone down the side of the crib, and she was glued to it!  Talk about 21st century parenting!)

She loves chatting - she's making so many different sounds and is takes turns to 'talk' with me. She's quite the conversationalist! She's such a happy little soul - she never seems to wake up crying... Pete and I wake up in the morning to the sound of her gurgling, chattering and singing to herself. 

She's a strong little girl - still enjoying standing up against the sofa and sitting up sturdily with a bit of support behind her. When she's on her tummy she pushes her feet into the floor to edge her way forward, and when she's on her back, she'll push her feet into the floor, lift her bottom and shift her body sideways like a little crab! 

She's never happier than when she's got something or someone to watch - we call her Nosy Rosie because she's always looking around at everything with those big blue eyes!

As I said in a previous post, our garage is being converted into Pete's home office in the next couple of weeks, so we'll be able to build Rosie's cot in her room soon and get everything ready for when she moves in there in a couple of months. She'll be staying in our room until she's about six months. 

I think that's about it for now - I'm determined to write a monthly update for her, at least until she's one (it makes me feel like I'm one of those supremely organised mum-bloggers!)

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