Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012

Hi folks. It's been a busy weekend all in all.
Friday afternoon Charlie broke up for half term, and headed off for a bowling party.
Rosie and I went to pick Nanny up from a hospital appointment (she had a minor surgery on the side of her face and has a corker of a black eye, but she'd never speak to me again if I posted a pic, so you'll just have to imagine!) and brought her back here for the night, much to Charlie's delight.
Yesterday afternoon we took her back home, admired her new iPad (she's a real silver surfer, my mum!) did some shopping, came home and started clearing the garage ready for the builders.
Today Pete cleared the shed, moved the stuff we need to keep from garage to shed, and filled the boots of both our cars TWICE with rubbish. The garage is empty!
Then Charlie headed off for his second bowling party of the weekend!
Pete and I finally collapsed in a heap on the sofa and Rosie took advantage of the peace and quiet and fell asleep sprawled on Pete's knee.
Mum and I investigated FaceTime on our iPad and iPhone respectively - it's fab! So much better than Skype, and Rosie loved seeing Nanny - even if she didn't quite understand how it was happening!
And that was our weekend! It didn't last long!
As I said, the builder should be starting work tomorrow - it's only him and his son so it will probably take 2-3 weeks. Very exciting!
Hope you all have a lovely half term! :-)

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