Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012

Charlie couldn't sleep last night because he was so excited about his holiday - he still doesn't know where we're going, although we've been dropping a few hints about Princess Barbie Land! (We're so mean!)
Now we just need the weather to pick up - it's pretty grey and rainy at the moment, which isn't ideal.

Rosie now has two teeth - her second one popped through properly this morning.

She's also had her first bit of lumpy food - oaty apple crumble with raisins and custard! And no, I didn't make it myself and blitz it - it's an Ella's Kitchen special! (Just as an aside - I am loving those little pouches of baby food - they didn't do them when Charlie was little - it was only jars back then. They're so much easier and lighter to carry around, plus you don't waste nearly as much!)
It goes without saying that it was a big hit as far as Rosie's concerned. It's such a novelty having a child who actually seems to like food.
Charlie never really saw the point in eating when he was little - he'd get breathless and more often than not he'd end up being sick by the end, so mealtimes took forever and were a bit of a battle. He's much better since his Fontan, but he's still pretty picky.
So I'm taking great pleasure in letting Rosie try anything and everything! It still feels strange to not have to brace myself for mealtimes - I'll sit down to feed her and she'll eat her dinner followed by fruit, followed by some kind of finger food like a rice cake in about ten minutes flat. A big change from the two hours plus it would often be for cheeky Charlie!

Oh, and she's also sussed out clapping her hands - when she feels like it! She bangs the palm of one hand on the back of her other hand, rather than palm to palm, but she still thinks she's very clever!

I think that's about it for now - watch this space for some fun stuff!

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