Sunday, April 15, 2012

Six month update...

Well, I'm a few days late, but here's what Rosie's up to now she's hit six months...

She's still in 3-6mth clothes and size 3 nappies, but both are just starting to get a bit snug.
I still haven't had her weighed properly, but if I sit her on the bathroom scale, she's somewhere in the region of 17lbs 4oz, but the scales are a bit inaccurate.

She now eats three solid (puréed) meals a day, and is loving bits of finger food too - toast fingers, rice cakes, bread... anything she can get her hands on really! She still loves all kinds of fruit and happily tucks into savoury stuff too. Her highchair is one of her favourite places to be!
We're away for a few days next week, but once we're back I'm going to start trying her on lumpier stuff - if she can chomp her way through half a slice of buttered toast, I can't see why a bit of mashed, rather than puréed veg should give her any problems!
I still feed her four or five times a day and she has water in her sippy cup at mealtimes.

Like I said the other day, her first tooth is right through the gum now, and her second is just starting to break through.
She's sucked her thumb much less lately - it probably feels a bit strange with her new teeth.

Rosie's getting really good at sitting unsupported now - her balance is pretty good - although she would still prefer to be standing/jumping. Her legs are very strong and I really can't see it will be long before she starts standing on her own.

Favourite toys this month are anything belonging to Charlie (I can hardly believe she already knows what's his and hers, but she's most definitely does!) and things she can hold in her hand and chew.

Books are also becoming a big hit, and she has started turning pages when we're reading.

She still seems to really like music, and loves her old favourite songs. A new favourite this month is the character song from the kiddies' TV show Abadas. I play it to her via YouTube on my phone and she gets very excited!

I can't remember if I mentioned this one before, but Charlie has taught her to 'high-five' and she'll smack your hand now if you ask her to 'Gimme five!'

She's getting more and more vocal, with different squeals and consonant sounds. Raspberry-blowing is still a big hit, and she's developing a wicked little 'hahahaha' cackle which is halfway between a laugh and a faked cough when she's doing something funny - particularly something she knows she shouldn't be doing!

Her hair is growing in more and more by the day - I'm still not totally sure what colour it will be, but I'm thinking a blondeish-brown. Definitely darker than Charlie's. Her eyes are still dark blue.

Charlie is still her favourite person in the whole world. She laughs and smiles whenever she sees him. I must try to post a bit of video of the two of them together - it's priceless!
We're just starting to hit the 'needing to know where mum is' phase - she's fine to play on her own if we're at home, but if she's with people she doesn't know and realises she can't see me, she gets a bit stressed - nice to be needed, I guess!

Finally, she'll be going on her first little holiday soon - we're all looking forward to it (apart from the 'four of us in one hotel room' part...) so watch this space!

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