Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eight Months.

Eight months today. Yikes.
So - what is our little Rosebud up to these days? (Sorry if this is a bit long and boring - I use this blog as her baby record book!)
I think she's had a bit of a growth spurt lately - I still haven't had her weighed, but she's definitely longer than she was.
Rosie's still in size 4 nappies, but all of a sudden her 3-6month clothes are too small - trousers and sleeves are too short and t-shirts are starting to be tight to pull over her head.
Some of the 3-6month stuff just about fits, but she's also wearing a lot of 6-9 and 9-12 month stuff.
She's sitting sturdily, rolling all over the place and shuffling around on her back and tummy although still not quite crawling. She'll go up onto her hands and knees and crawl backwards but can't quite go forwards yet.
She wriggles all round her cot - she's usually upside down, on her tummy when I go in to see her.
Rosie walks happily if we hold her hands and still loves standing up against the sofa.
She's a bit of a mummy's girl, but is generally pretty confident with other people so long as I'm nearby. She reaches out to whomever she wants to be picked up by or passed to.
I think she might have started saying 'Hiya' when she sees us. Not every time, but too often for it to be coincidental. She also says 'Dada' - usually in relation to Pete!
Various other consonant sounds are appearing every day - 'La', 'Ma', 'Ta', 'Ba', 'Ya' etc.
Still only two teeth, but still chewing everything in sight. She's perfected her cheesy grin - sticking her teeth out as far as she can, flashing her gums and scrunching up her nose.
Eating is still going well - she'll eat forked/chopped stuff with no trouble - proper rice pudding, biggish bits of pasta, roast dinner. She likes yoghurt and fromage frais and any bits of table food we give her.
She's almost got her pincer grip sorted now and can pick up small things like Cheerios from her highchair tray and transport them to her mouth with some accuracy.
She also feeds herself well with things like toast, biscuits - anything finger-sized really. We just need to watch to make sure she doesn't bite off bits that are too big.
I haven't started giving her the spoon to feed herself yet - I guess I'll have to do that soon though. Time to dig out a mat to put on the floor!!
She does really well with her sippy cup and has water with all her meals.
Rosie's really starting to play nicely now - we found some of Charlie's old toys in the loft so she's been playing with them too.
Favourites this month are Charlie's old Little Tikes piano, her books and her Leapfrog house. My brother and sister-in-law bought the house for her for Christmas and she loves it - it's got stacks of buttons and things to do and it sings songs, tells stories and makes all different noises. She can push all the buttons herself now and it keeps her entertained for ages.
She watches a bit of TV in the mornings when I'm clearing up after breakfast, and laughs out loud when she sees 'NumTums'. She still loves 'Abadas' and 'Everything's Rosie' too.
She and Charlie are still dotty about each other. It's lovely to see how much she smiles and laughs for him.
Sleeping is pretty unchanged this month, although I've stopped night feeds altogether since she moved into her own room.
She normally sleeps straight through the night anyway, but on the couple of occasions when she has woken up in the night, I just give her a quick drink of water from her cup, tuck her in and she goes back to sleep again.
She usually sleeps 7.45pm-7.15(ish)am, although she had a few days a couple of weeks ago when she started waking up at 5.20am, which didn't work for ANY of us!
She really needs that extra couple of hours (and so does her mother...) or her whole sleep/wake thing is thrown out of whack all day long.
So now if she wakes before about 6.30am I just treat it like it's still night-time - tuck her back in, say night-night and leave the room. Nine times out of ten she'll go back to sleep for another hour or so.
If we're at home in the day she has a nap at 10.30am, and sleeps anywhere between an hour-and-a-half and two-and-a-half hours.
Depending how long she sleeps in the morning, she goes back to bed for another snooze between 2.30 and 3.30pm for between an hour and an hour-and-three-quarters.
She doesn't sleep so well in the day if we're out and about - maybe 40minutes at a time, but she usually catches up at the next naptime.
I have to take her for her eight-month checkup in a week or so, so I'll know how much she weighs then. She's solid but not enormous - I reckon she's probably between 18-19lbs.
I think that's about it for now - I'll add anything else I think of later!

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