Saturday, June 09, 2012

An afternoon with the Phantom!

ETA: I did originally title this post "Off to the theatre" but it was pointed out to me (Thanks Andrea!) that most people might assume I meant the OPERATING theatre! So in the interests of avoiding widespread panic, I changed the title!!

Charlie and I have just had a lovely afternoon watching Phantom of the Opera!
I managed to snap up a couple of tickets and Chas has been very excited to go - he'd only heard a couple of songs from the show, so he's been watching the 25th anniversary concert all week on YouTube.
We stopped to look at today's cast list as we were waiting to buy a programme and Chas was thrilled to bits to see that John Owen-Jones was playing the Phantom (he played Valjean in Les Mis and was one of the Valjean Quartet at the big 25th anniversary concert Pete and I went to) and the Katie Hall - who played Cosette in the Les Mis concert - was playing Christine. Chas was quite proud that he recognised them!
The show was terrific and Charlie really enjoyed it - he's already decided he wants to buy the soundtrack now (although he still thinks Alfie Boe should have been Phantom!)
Pete and Rosie spent a happy couple of hours drinking coffee (Pete) and snoozing (Rosie) and just wandering round in the sunshine.
Happy days!

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The Simmons Family said...

Oh you scared me with the title! I thought you called the operating room the theatre, so when I read the title I thought Charlie was sick. What a pleasant surprise to see you having family fun!!