Monday, July 16, 2012

...And relax!

We just got back from the hospital (dropped Charlie off at school on the way back so he can join in with the last hour of 'fun stuff' before term ends...) and I'm pleased to report that all is well!
ECG, echo, sats and blood pressure were spot on and Charlie has grown 2cm in four months, which is good going! There's no change to his medications either - his enalapril will need increasing as he gets bigger but probably not for another 10kg or so!
His new consultant is lovely (we knew him really well already, but he hasn't actually been involved in Charlie's care since before he was born.)
He was really happy with Chas, and said that everything was excellent and fantastic, which is what we like to hear! It's so nice to hear from another doctor that Charlie is looking and doing really well.
So well, in fact, that our next cardio appointment has been bumped to eight months instead of six, and from then on it will be annually! (We'll still have pacing clinic and INR machine calibrations at six-monthly intervals, but we're normally in and out of the hospital in a few minutes with those appointments.)
So we can relax a bit now, and look forward to the summer holidays... we just need the sun to come out!

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Kerry from Jigsaw said...

I heard your message on the school run this morning! :-)

Ann Fisher said...

Fabulous! Great to hear he's in such good shape, happy days! :)