Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nine month update...

So, my little Rosie-Posey is three-quarters of the way to her first birthday. (Let's not get into how scarily fast time is flying by...)
As per normal, feel free to skim-read this rather lengthy and boring post - it's more for my benefit so I can remember these precious baby days, rather than to be a riveting read!
What have you been up to this month, little one?
Well, she's still in size 4 nappies, but seems to have suddenly grown through all of her 6-9mth clothes - they were all too big a couple of weeks ago and now they're nearly all too small. She's wearing a few bits of 6-9mth stuff with a lot of 9-12mth now. 
She's still rubbish at keeping socks on though! They either fall off or she pulls them off, so she ends up barefoot a lot of the time.
She's well and truly mobile now - crawling, climbing, rolling, walking with her push-along toys or a hand to hold, cruising along the sofa. 
A whole new world has suddenly opened up to her and she's determined to explore every last bit of it. She's also found the stairs, and likes to stand at the bottom banging her hands on the second step!
She hasn't figured out that she can pull up in her cot yet though, but we've lowered the mattress just in case!
Her balance when standing is getting better and better, so I can't help but wonder how long it will be before she's toddling.
She plays really well by herself now (albeit I can't leave her on her own in the lounge now while I nip into the kitchen because she's off like a rocket trying to grab the Wii remotes or the telephone...) and she's really enjoying her toys. 
She likes rolling her ball and her cars and playing with little animal figures. Anything that can be banged, rattled or jingled is also very popular. She loves her little piano, and is also pretty partial to a squeaky Moshi Monster that Charlie bought her.
But she REALLY loves her books. Given a pile of books or a pile of toys, nine times out of ten she'll go for the books. She knows how to turn the pages and flip the flaps. She's got a touch-and-feel Gruffalo book and One called Toot-Toot Trumpet which is a lift-the-flap book that plays musical instrument noises which she really likes. I also dug out a pile of Charlie's old favourites and they've become her favourites too - Bedtime for Baby which is a simple flap book, Where is Puppy and her absolute favourite - Down on the Farm, which has touch and feel pictures of farm animals. She loves feeling all the textures and likes to kiss each animal before we turn the pages!
She already knows if she's doing something she shouldn't - she crawled over to the basket of Wii remotes yesterday, looked round at me, grinned cheekily, giggled and dived headfirst into the basket!  
Having said that though, she understands when we tell her 'No'. She heads for the fireplace and we'll say 'No - hot' and she'll stop, and usually come away. 
Now I just need her to learn what 'Mind your head' means, because she's had more bumps in the last three days than she has in her whole nine months!
She's getting more vocal every day and likes 'chatting'. (Can't think where she gets that from!) She's making new sounds every day, but words she says with meaning are 'Mum-mum', 'Dadda', 'Arla' (or something like that) for Charlie, 'Hiya', 'Nanan' for Nanny and 'Ro-Ros' for Cheerios. 
She's getting good at letting us know what she wants and is getting pointing down to a fine art. 
She's starting to get the hang of waving too. 
She still loves her food and is eating more and more table food, rather than baby food. She's good with her pincer grip and transferring food to her mouth (and anything else she gets her hands on... it doesn't seem to matter how often I hoover the floor - she still seems to be able to find any infinitesimally small speck of anything left on the carpet!)
She's still sleeping like a trooper with 11-12 unbroken hours at night and two naps totalling 3-4 hours during the day.
She is totally smitten with Charlie (even if he does call her Madam de Parpy-Drawers sometimes...) and she loves playing with him and his (totally age-inappropriate) toys! It makes me smile to see them together and to see how much she is a central part of Charlie's life now, even though he had almost eight years on his own. 
I think that's about it for now - if I think of anything I've missed, I'll add it in later!
(I've got a little video of her crawling but I can't upload it from my phone, so I'll try and upload it tomorrow from the PC!)

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