Friday, July 13, 2012

School Report

Charlie brought his school report home tonight and it was excellent!
We couldn't be more proud of how well he's doing - according to his teacher, he excels in all subjects academically and does particularly well with public speaking. (But then again, a liking for talking is in his genes... just ask anyone who's met me or my mum!)
A few of the words used to describe him include: 'happy', 'bright', 'friendly', 'confident', 'mature', 'enthusiastic', 'kind', 'respectful' and 'sensible'.
Enough said, really!
I know it's poor form to boast about your children's achievements, but I am so proud of everything Charlie has done.
It makes me insanely happy that there is no mention of his heart condition in his report - other than to say he is sensible with regards to PE and chooses appropriate exercises.
He is not being assessed as a 'heart child' - he is assessed alongside all the other healthy-hearted kids in his class, and he more than holds his own!
Way to go, Charlie-Barley!

PS We figured that since Charlie's getting so grown up now he could do with a desk in his bedroom. It arrived last week and I bought him a pile of new stationery today as a reward for his good report... have you ever seen such a beautifully organised desk?! :-)

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