Monday, August 20, 2012

Two new teeth... AND a black eye!

Well, as you can see from the pics, Rosie has been a little busy!
She was standing by the computer desk this morning with Charlie, holding onto the keyboard with one hand, and my hand with the other.
She was dancing up and down and let go of the keyboard... she did a very fancy pirouette (still holding my hand) and bumped her cheekbone on the corner of the computer tower. :-(
Ouch. She didn't cry much after an initial bellow, but the bruise came up straight away. I iced it (as much as she'd let me) and it's not too swollen, but I think she'll have a shiner in the morning!
And you might be able to see her two new teeth - thanks to her cheesy grin in the right-hand picture! The other top tooth has finally popped through and all of a sudden the bottom left tooth (on the right in the photo) has also made an appearance. Her cheesy grin is changing day by day!
Another couple of new things she has learned - she will now point to my nose, Pete's nose and Charlie's nose when asked. She still doesn't know where her own nose is yet, but she's getting there! And she seems to have cracked waving too (but only when she feels like it!)
That's it for now - just wanted to keep her baby records up to date!

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