Sunday, September 09, 2012

3,653 days.

That's 87,672 hours, or 5,260,320 minutes, or 315,619,200 seconds since our first son entered the world.

Ten whole years have passed since Will was snuggled in my arms, warm and alive.
Ten years since I first learned what it felt like to be a mother - to feel like a part of your heart is beating outside of your own body.
To know that you will do anything to protect, comfort and support that little bundle of humanity - whether it be for just fifteen minutes or a whole lifetime.

A decade has gone by since that day.

And yet Will is still thought about, talked about and loved as much as he ever was.
The first of our three children.
He is a part of our family, and always will be.

Happy Birthday darling boy.
We love you. xxx

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Anonymous said...

I've heard it said that an eternity in this life is like the blink of an eye in the next, you'll enjoy a long,happy lifetime but for will he wouldn't have waited all that long to be in your arms again <3 love you
Kel xxx