Monday, September 10, 2012

Eleven Months.

So, little Miss is eleven whole months today. Which means this time next month we'll be celebrating her first birthday. Yikes. That is SCARY.
Anyway, enough panicking about how quickly time is flying - on to what Rosie-Posy has been up to this past month... (Feel free to tune out... this is probably pretty boring for anyone but me!!)

She's in all 9-12mth clothes now, and has moved up to size 4+ nappies.
I have no idea how much she weighs, but she's getting hard to carry for any length of time!
This has been a month of learning new skills - particularly of the social/verbal kind.
She now waves hello and goodbye, has perfected the 'Wah-wah-wah' sound made by banging her hand on her mouth, claps her hands when she has done something good, gives kisses, loves playing pat-a-cake and Round and Round the Garden.
She is also an expert at using one finger - either to point at what she wants, to play single notes on her piano or to use the iPad.
She is using more words/sounds every day and will string a couple together 'Hiya Lala' for 'Hello Charlie' and 'ee tis' for 'Here it is'.
She has started to learn animal sounds and will miaow for a cat, click her tongue for the 'clip-clop' noise of a horse, and makes a tutting noise for 'rabbit'.
She's very into the whole copying thing too, and really likes copying our word sounds.
She will point to our noses, hair and tongues if asked, although hasn't figured out her own yet.

She's started playing properly with some of her toys - fitting pieces into puzzles, banging balls into the right slot with a hammer, rolling a ball or a toy car back and forth with someone else.
She's also showing quite a bit of interest in the baby dolly Pete's aunt bought her - she's fascinated by the opening/closing eyes and has also started cuddling her and saying 'aaaah'.
The 'throwing things on the floor and laughing uproariously until we pick them up' game is in full force, and every time I go to get her out of her bed after a sleep, she has thrown her three favourite cuddly toys (Tigger blankie, Wisha the elephant and her bunny) out of the cot, and is pointing at them on the floor, laughing her head off.
She's also learned how to jump up and down in her cot, and how to dance when music comes on.

Another favourite thing this month is talking to Nanny on the phone or via FaceTime. Whenever I'm on the phone - regardless of who I'm talking to, she points frantically at the phone saying 'Nan! Nan!'
She giggles away as she 'speaks' to Nanny and always gives her a big kiss at the end of the conversation!

She's still a fab sleeper - usually two good naps totalling 3-3.5hrs during the day, and a full 12 hours straight at night.

She seems to be moving on from the baby food stage altogether, but she was a little bit off her food last week - she'd still eat her meals, but not quite as willingly as normal. She had a snotty cold though, and her back teeth seemed to be making their presence felt. Her cold has cleared up now though and she's been eating much better this week.

She's still not walking, but is starting to stand unsupported for longer periods and has just, in the past few days, started taking a couple of steps. She's a super-speedy crawler though and is still cruising all over the house, generally leaving a trail of destruction in her wake! Favourite pastimes include pulling DVDs off the TV unit, books off the bookcase, opening all the cupboards and banging on the computer keyboard!

Her favourite toys this month are a whoopie cushion (she laughs hysterically whenever she manages to make the sound!), balls, Charlie's old Fisher Price Noah's Ark and his wooden ball and hammer game, an empty plastic bottle, and yet again, her books. She's not massively interested in the TV, but she stops whatever she's doing to watch NumTums and Show Me Show Me as soon she hears their theme music start.

Wow! It's been such a busy month that this has turned into quite a long post! I can't think of anything else - so watch this space same time next month for Rosie's birthday update!

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