Monday, October 08, 2012

A busy week...

Hi folks.
We've had a manic few days because Charlie had a weird vomiting bug all last week.
He felt (and was) fine during the day but kept throwing up every night (all over himself, his bedding, the walls...)
And you all know by now how much I love cleaning puke out of soft furnishings. :-S
I was actually starting to get a bit worried by the end of the week because he wasn't presenting any normal stomach bug symptoms at all, other than vomiting with depressing regularity between midnight and 1am, so I was concerned it might be something cardiac-related.
So I rang Claire, our liaison nurse at the hospital, and though she was also a bit baffled by the bug, she was confident it was nothing to do with his heart/pacemaker, and said to get the GP to check him over.
Just to add to the drama, last Friday was supposed to be the day that Charlie and Pete went to London for the Ruth Rendell/PD James event for Little Hearts Matter, and we'd also bought tickets for Phantom of the Opera the next day.
They had to leave for the train at 2pm, so with the clock ticking, I managed to grab a last-minute appointment at the GP at 12.15 - but they'd fitted us in at the end of morning surgery so we had to wait (and wait...)
Finally though, we saw the doctor who gave Chas a thorough check-up, told us that lots of other people had the same weird bug recently, and that he should be fine to go to London as he wouldn't be infectious.
So we raced back home and off they went!
I packed numerous spare pyjamas/sick bags/wet wipes/disposable bed covers and spent the whole night they were away panicking that Charlie was going to upchuck all over their lovely hotel room.
But all was well, there was no recurrence of the vomiting and the pair of them had a FABULOUS time! (Although Pete had to carry their rucksack all over London on Saturday, full of all the aforementioned puke-prevention products, which he wasn't best pleased about...)
I'm waiting for the official pics of the crime-writers event so I'll put them up in a post with some of the other London pics once I have them.
Anyway - Charlie went back to school today and (so far) seems totally fine again.
Although I have still left a bucket at the foot of his bed and various towels draped over his pillows, just in case.
I had to throw his duvet AND the spare one away last week because they wouldn't fit in the washing machine and there is no way I'm hand-washing a pair of sicky duvets, thankyouverymuch.
So, that's why I haven't been blogging much this past few days - I've been up to my elbows in Dettol and Domestos.

Rosie is her usual cheery self, and is still teetering on the brink of only needing one sleep per day.
She also started taking more independent steps today. Previously she'd walk to us, but preferred crawling as her main mode of transportation, but today she was standing by the arm of one sofa playing with her bee finger-puppet, I glanced down to pick up my coffee, and when I looked up, she was toddling off to the other sofa, all by herself, bumble bee in hand!
She was very proud of herself and has done quite a bit more walking and standing of her own accord today.
I can't believe she's one the day after tomorrow.
This time last year, I was rushing around getting all the last minute bits and pieces together to go into hospital - and all of a sudden, I'm making her birthday cake.
Scary stuff. (...Time passing so quickly, I mean. Not my cake.)
I'm attaching a pic of the terrible twosome earlier today, sword-fighting in the conservatory. :-)

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