Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rosie!

I can hardly believe our little girl turned one today!
She's had such a lovely day - although she was a bit baffled by the whole thing!
Much to Charlie's frustration, who was itching to see what was inside all her parcels, she was perfectly happy chasing balloons around the lounge instead!
Pete had the day off work, so we had a great day - we had a leisurely morning, and then after Rosie had her sleep we picked Charlie up from school and headed to a local kids' café and play place.
We went for dinner at TGI Friday's and after we'd eaten, they brought her an ice-cream with a candle in and all the waiters and other diners sang Happy Birthday to her!
She's had so many lovely presents - everyone has really spoiled her!
There are a few more fun things going on for her throughout the rest of the week, so I'll try to post some pictures as and when.
Here's a few of my big one-year-old to keep you going in the meantime!

Happy Birthday precious girl - we all love you SO much!

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