Saturday, December 01, 2012

Belated birthday treat!

We got back from Center Parcs last night (we all had such a good time - there are a couple more pics I want to post but I haven't had chance to scan them in yet...) and today was Charlie's birthday treat - lunch with four of his friends and a theatre visit to see Horrible Histories live on stage.
He had another birthday cake (and no, I didn't make this one...) and the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday to him, which he rather enjoyed - as you can see from his grin! (We didn't let on to the people at the restaurant that his actual birthday was almost a month ago!)
The journey into town was a little stressful because when I booked the tickets (back in June) we didn't know that there would be a rugby international going on at the Millennium Stadium.
So, what with that and all the normal Christmas shoppers, the traffic was crazy and the carpark was totally full.
But we managed to get into our seats in time (just!) and the show was great fun. It was all about 'Vile Victorians' and all the disgusting bits of history - which the kids all loved. The entire second half was in 3D - hence the silly glasses in the photo - and we had rats, fleas, cannon balls and collapsing bridges flying straight at us the whole time.
It was almost more fun to watch the kids ducking and squealing than it was to watch the show!
Apparently the whole day was 'epic' - which I think means they all enjoyed themselves! Charlie had even more birthday presents to open when he got home, and he has been TOTALLY spoilt.

So now the Christmas mayhem really begins!!

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