Sunday, January 13, 2013

A few pics from today...

I snapped the top photo of Rosie this morning while Chas was at his swimming lesson. I love her sweet little face, the softness of the light and the sun on her hair.
I was fiddling around with some different photo filters and I really like the way the second pic looks too. Although her hair is nearer to its real colour in the first photo, I love the intensity of the contrasts and the detail on her clothes. And I couldn't have engineered a pic with those fantastic sun rays all around her if I'd tried!
I don't know which I like best - what do you think?
How times have changed since I was a little girl - films and processing were expensive, so pictures weren't 'wasted' on day-to-day stuff.
Now though, we've got several digital cameras and a number of camera phones in the house. I had to download more than 1,000 photos from my iPhone yesterday because it was about to grind to a halt!
It's still hard to keep a record of all the precious memories though. For every picture I take, there must be several hundred others I miss.
I look at Charlie as he sleeps, and realise his feet aren't far from the foot of his bed. He's growing so fast - maturing before my eyes, reaching new milestones, and learning new skills all the time.
I can hardly believe he'll be ten this year (although admittedly not until the END of this year...)
It seems no time at all since he was Rosie's age.
I seem to have lost my blogging mojo a bit lately, and haven't written so much about day to day life, but I really need to write more. I love looking back on old blog posts and reading about things I'd forgotten.
So watch this space - all being well, I'll make an effort to try to post a bit more often - in between ironing school shirts, playing cards with Charlie, listening to his flute practice, admiring his latest drawing, tidying Rosie's toys away for the seventeenth time in ten minutes, reading her stories and fishing out the dominoes she sneaked into the washing machine!
Oh - and the third pic is one from this afternoon. I've mentioned a few times how much Rose loves accessories - hats, bags, glasses, jewellery...
She spends hours wandering around wearing various headgear, and she found this hat under the hall table and put it on all by herself. As you can see, she thought she was very clever!

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