Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fifteen months.

Well, Rosie-Posy is 15 months today, so I thought it was about time for another long, boring ramble about what she's up to these days, so feel free to skip this one, if you like!
She's in virtually all 12-18mth clothes now, apart from a couple of pairs of jeans and a couple of pinafores, which are still 9-12mth. She's in size 4+ nappies, and a size 4 shoe. 
She still loves sleeping (trust me, I know how lucky I am...) and sleeps 12-13 hours at night and anything from 1.5-3 hours in the middle of the day. 
She does make us laugh though - if we're at home, and it's close to naptime or bedtime, all I need to say is 'Are you tired Rose? Do you want to go to bed?' and she'll stop whatever she's doing, march to the door, bang on it until we open it, and then head off up the stairs (with me in hot pursuit) to go to bed!
I'm not surprised she sleeps well though - if she's awake, she's on the go. She's been walking properly for ages now, and is starting to run around pretty well too. 
She's also really into dancing, and has got some funky moves going on whenever she hears music. I must remember to video some of her dancing - she's such a little show-off!
She loves playing the 'Where's your nose' game and knows her nose, eyes, hair, ears, tongue, teeth, tummy, fingers, bottom and feet. 
She's also increasing her range of animal noises every day, and knows the noises for cow, cat, horse, elephant, rabbit, fish, sheep and snake. She'll also roar for lions/tigers when she feels like it!
She recently learned 'uh-oh' if something goes wrong too, and will clap her hands over her mouth for 'oh no!'
There are a few programmes she likes on the TV, and she's really surprised us by copying some of the things the presenters do, without any encouragement from us. There's one presenter who says 'Take your finger and touch your nose...' and she'll stop whatever she's doing and poke her nose with a finger. 
Another is a kids' cooking show, and they always wash their hands at the start - and she'll mime washing her own hands. 
And at the start of 'In the Night Garden' (one of her firm favourites) they say 'Round and Round a little boat...' while tracing a finger round and round a child's palm - and she copies that too. 
It's such a fun stage - every day she does new things, and it gives me such a buzz to see her doing something new, and then realise what she's doing and why. 
Her communication skills are getting better and better - both verbally and physically. She can point accurately to make a choice, or to show where something or someone is, and is mixing gestures, sounds and words to get her point across. 
For example, she'll often bring me the phone, and say 'Nanan', and will say yes when I ask if she wants to ring Nanny. (she says 'Dess' for yes)
There are also three little rhymes I do with her on my knee - one about the wind blowing little ship, one about horses and one about a visit to Nanny's - and she will climb on my knee and tell me which rhyme she wants me to say, by either blowing like the wind, making a horse noise or saying 'Nanan'.
She says 'Zizzit' for biscuit, and for some reason clicks her tongue twice very decisively to mean chocolate! She'll also say 'ninner' for dinner and 'numnum' when she's eating something tasty! She also says (in her own way!) hot, hat, shoes, ball, door, sultanas, ham, and will sign and say 'more'. 
She's getting pretty good at obeying simple directions too - 'Give this to Charlie', 'Bring me your shoes', 'Put your book in the basket'. 
She likes to help dress/undress herself and likes pretending to use hairbrushes, lipsticks and anything else she can get her hands on. She also loves dressing up in our shoes and Charlie's hat and gloves. (Honestly, I don't know how I ended up with such a girly girl!!)
Books are still big favourites, and she loves the ones with flaps to peep under or different textures. 
She also loves pushing cars around the floor, and rolling/kicking balls, although her favourite Christmas present was a big whoopie cushion!
She's getting good at puzzles and shape sorters and can build a tower of three or four bricks/stacking cups. 
She's still the queen of accessorising and loves bangles, bags, hats, glasses and anything she can put around her neck like a scarf or necklace. 
Her molars still haven't made an appearance (as far as I can tell...) but she is still chewing her fingers a lot, so I'm sure it won't be too much longer.  
She'll bring her nappy bag to me if she needs a clean nappy and has been showing quite a bit of interest in sitting on the potty too. 
She's still totally besotted with Charlie and is never happier than when she's playing with him and his toys!
Happy 15 months to our little Rosebud - what will you be doing by next month, I wonder!

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