Thursday, March 28, 2013

Making the best of it...

Rosie's really still not right so our fun plans for the Easter hols remain on hold.
Charlie had a nice time in town with Pete yesterday and had fun spending his pocket money, without me there saying: 'Yes, but do you really NEED more Lego/Moshi Monsters/random other things to clutter up your bedroom?'
Needless to say, Chas came home with all of the above and an empty wallet!
We were hoping to go to the aquarium today, but Rosie isn't well enough so the kids have been playing at home. Here's hoping she's a bit better tomorrow - she's been very interested in Charlie's fish tank this week and has been asking to feed the fish all the time, so I think she'd really love the fish at the aquarium.
She and Charlie are currently in the middle of a game of 'Magic Carpet' in the kitchen - which involves the picnic rug, my steamer pans, and numerous toys.
We had some snow yesterday - it was pretty heavy at times, but didn't stick. Charlie was wandering around singing 'I'm dreaming of a white Easter...'
It really is so cold - I can't believe it's almost April. I think everyone is starting to get a bit desperate for a bit of sunshine!
We had a tree surgeon come round this morning to look at a MASSIVE laurel in the back garden. It's as high as the house, so we'd never be able to trim it back ourselves. By chance, the lady lives in the next road, and she's going to come back in a couple of weeks to reduce it in size by about half.
Our fab builders are also coming back in a few weeks to replace the back fence, which fell down in high winds a little while ago. They're also going to replace our leaky gutters and make a new, bigger front path for us.
So our house will be having a bit of a spring makeover! (I think I could do with one of those too!)
Anyway, I'd better fly because it's Rosie's bedtime, and I think sleep will be the best thing for her at the moment. (So I'd better get Charlie to park the magic carpet until tomorrow!)

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