Friday, March 29, 2013

March 29, 2013

Hi folks - well, we made it to the aquarium, although I'm still not really convinced it was a good idea.
Rosie's definitely still under par, and though he maintains he feels fine, Charlie's looking a bit peaky too, if you ask me!
Both kids enjoyed looking at the fish though - Rosie was doing fish impressions all the way round, and Charlie was particularly taken with the jellyfish tanks. The two tanks were backlit in blue and red, so it looked like the jellyfish were glowing. They were really relaxing to watch, and I think Chas and I could have watched them for hours. (Pete would have liked to watch them for longer, but he was following Rosie around!)
We went to see Mum on our way home and Rosie had a good sleep in her travel cot at Mum's house, which is probably the best thing for her. She's still not eating very much, but is drinking more normally now.
My eldest brother, Ian, was there too, as he'd gone to mow Mum's lawns for her. It was nice to catch up, because I don't think I've seen him since Christmas!
We haven't got any plans for tomorrow, but I think a(nother!) lazy day around the house will do both Charlie and Rosie good.
Have a nice Easter weekend, everybody!

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