Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Still poorly. :-(

Rosie's been pretty rough again today, with her temperature going up and down like mad. She crashed out on Pete's lap this morning, and spent most of the rest of the day lolling on my knee, and counting the minutes to the next dose of Calpol.
She's had no appetite, and hasn't really wanted to drink much either, but we've been giving her as much water as she'll tolerate.
She finally perked up a bit late on this afternoon and ate some toast at teatime. She really hasn't been herself and it's been pitiful to see. We were all so pleased to see a few little smiles once we'd dosed her up with paracetamol!
Charlie has been a superstar, bearing in mind all of our fun plans for his Easter holiday and Pete's week off work have gone down the drain.
He made some cookies, played with his Lego, tried to entertain his miserable sister, practised tying knots, built some models with the packaging peanuts that came in my parcel this morning, did some drawing, and retched quietly in the corner as I was changing Rosie's decidedly unpleasant nappies.
He's such a good lad - I know he's a bit disappointed that we haven't been able to go out, but he hasn't made a fuss about it at all. (Other than pointedly asking if Rosie is likely to be ill for the WHOLE two weeks...)
I think Pete is going to take him into town tomorrow for a wander. Charlie's been reading up on how to customise Lego minifigures, and he's keen to go to the model shop - apparently acrylic paint, varnish and some sort of sculpting compound is the order of the day.
Sounds messy if you ask me.
Anyway. Hopefully Rosie's on the mend now, and none of the rest of us will get this horrible bug.

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