Monday, March 25, 2013

Poorly baby :-(

Rosie woke up this morning with a tummy bug - she was sick in her bed, then our bed, and then downstairs. (Am exceedingly grateful for a good washing machine...)
She obviously feels rotten and doesn't know what to do with herself. It's the first time she's had a vomiting bug, so the whole puking thing is freaking her out a bit.
At least when Charlie was small, he did so much puking that it didn't bother him in the slightest, and he knew the protocol - ie: catch it in a bucket! Hopefully Rosie will suss that one out before too long - you know how I feel about the vomit/soft furnishings combo.
Not the best start to the Easter holidays - hopefully it'll only be a 12-hour thing that the rest of us can avoid.
Get well soon Rosie-Pie.
(Bring on the hand sanitiser...)

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