Thursday, April 04, 2013

New hat, new shoes...

We brought down the bag of next-sized clothes for Rosie from the loft (hand-me-downs courtesy of my brother's daughter, Anna, and my friend Kelly's girls...) and she spotted this Upsy-Daisy hat in the bag. Needless to say, she thinks she's very cool, and has hardly taken it off. She calls it her 'Dat'. :-)
She also wanted to show you her new shoes - I spotted these Croc-style clogs in town yesterday for the bargain price of a pound a pair, so she's the proud owner of a pink pair and a purple pair too! I had intended for her to wear them to play outside when/if the weather ever warms up, but she had other ideas and has been wearing them like slippers around the house ever since she spotted them. She modelled her pink ones last night, but opted for the purple ones today!
Is it me, or is she looking scarily grown up, all of a sudden?
We're off to meet Charlie's friend, Thomas, and his little brother, Sam, at a big play centre tomorrow.
Thomas has a similar heart condition to Chas, and the boys get on brilliantly. They're both post-Fontan now, and it's always lovely to watch the pair of them playing together. I'm also looking forward to a good natter over a cuppa (or four...) with Thomas's mum, Lindsey!

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