Wednesday, April 03, 2013

April 3, 2013

Well, our tree surgeon rang last night to see if she could come today instead of April 12, which is fine by us! She's going to take 50% off our massive laurel tree, as well as getting rid of a dead tree in the front garden. Should make everything look a bit nicer! I'm actually quite looking forward to the weather warming up a bit so we can get out into the garden to tidy it up a bit. Green-fingered, we most certainly are not, but I'm fed up of it looking a mess out there, so bring on the secateurs and weedkiller!
We're going to meet my mum and aunt in Cardiff a bit later too, which will be nice - Charlie's looking forward to catching up with Aunty Ray and Nanny (and having a stealthy look around the Lego shop, no doubt!)
Rosie seems to be almost back to normal now after that nasty bug knocked her for six, which is great. I'm still hoping that the rest of us don't get it too. I think there's quite a lot of it going round.
Charlie's done half of his holiday homework - he has to investigate Welsh painter Kyffin Williams, and produce a picture in his style. Needless to say, he's done the painting bit and his dragging his feet over the writing bit! His painting turned out pretty well actually - I think even he was surprised by how good it was, because he usually prefers drawing monsters to landscapes!

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