Friday, June 28, 2013

Sports Day

I just got back from Sports Day, and I'm happy to report that Charlie didn't break any bones this year! He joined in with everything, did well in the 'cross country' (three laps of the school field!) and he and his team came FIRST in the beanbag race (pictured), the under-and-over race and the football dribbling race.
I may have cried a bit... (but very surreptitiously!)
Charlie was so proud of himself - but not half as proud as we are of him.
Well done Charlie-Barley. You're amazing. xxx

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Ann Fisher said...

Charlie did brilliantly. It was such a joy to watch him, especially when you know what he has had to do to get there, and if you didn't know you would never have guessed. He must be what you get when you mix a little bit of miracle with a lot of energy, determination and self-belief. Well done Charlie!