Thursday, July 04, 2013

Bring on the brace!

I took Charlie to the orthodontist this morning and he had impressions taken of his teeth to make him a retainer.
The dental clinic is lovely and only ten minutes away, so I didn't have to battle loads of rush-hour traffic to get there in time for his 8.30am appointment.
The dentist said his teeth should pull back into line pretty quickly and he should only need the brace for 3-6 months. We go back in about three weeks to have it fitted.
It'll be a removable brace, but he's supposed to wear it 24/7. I imagine it'll take him a few days to get used to it, but it'll be great to get his teeth straightened out.
He didn't particularly enjoy having the impressions taken - 'It's like having a mouthful of gooey PlayDoh...' - but he was very excited when they told him he could choose what colour the plate part would be. He went for orange - his favourite colour! (...after I'd checked that it wouldn't be visible when he was wearing it!) He's already put in a request for an orange storage box too!
She had a good look at his teeth and said that his jaw doesn't look particularly cramped, so hopefully he might not need a fixed brace when he's older.
It's funny - it feels like a bit of a milestone, and makes him seem very grown up! Plus it was a real novelty for me to sign a consent form which, for once, didn't have 'risk of death' as one of the possible outcomes!! Nice to be doing something 'normal' for a change!

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