Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sunny Sunday

Hi folks. It's been a nice day today. We've finally settled on Pete's new company car - we've been test-driving a Vauxhall Mokka all weekend, but although it's very nice, it's just too small (the boot is smaller than the one in my Golf...) so we're going for the Toyota Rav 4 - which was the one Pete wanted in the first place, but we thought we ought to check out all the options first.
Charlie is delighted, because he has a bit of an obsession with Toyotas at the moment... Top Gear has a lot to answer for!
Then I had a text from Charlie's best friend's mum, who said his friend can come here for a sleepover soon. It'll be the first time Charlie's had a friend stay over so he's extremely excited already. I'm guessing there won't be much sleeping going on though...
And the weather has been glorious today - absolutely scorching (about time too...) so we dug out our (very tiny) paddling pool, and the kids had a great time splashing around in it. It was Rosie's first time in the pool and she loved it - even though her big brother was splashing her a LOT - accidentally on purpose, of course!
The last time we had the paddling pool out was on October 2, 2011. How do I remember that?? Well - it was Rosie's due date (needless to say, she didn't arrive on time...) and it was freakishly hot. I was so amazed to see Charlie outside, in the paddling pool, in his trunks, in OCTOBER - and he stayed pink! It doesn't take much to make me happy! :-)
Charlie's hair has been in desperate need of a cut for weeks (as evidenced in the pic of him in the pool!) so I finally found ten minutes to attack him with the clippers. He then spent the evening marvelling over how cool his head felt, minus two-thirds of his hair! Now he just needs to get out in the sun because his tan stops just above the bridge of his nose - his fringe has left him with a white forehead!
And as the perfect finish to the day - Andy Murray won Wimbledon! Hurrah - I love tennis (watching, not playing!) and it's absolutely amazing to have a Brit win Wimbledon. Never thought I'd see the day! Rosie was priceless - Charlie and I were clapping and cheering on all the big points, so Rose was jumping up and down like mad, clapping, cheering and waving her hands above her head, shouting 'goal' whenever she heard applause. (She wasn't bothered that she was cheering Murray AND Djokovic, or that you don't have goals in tennis - she just likes celebrating!)
It's supposed to be hot all week - long may it last. Everyone seems so much more cheerful when it's sunny!
Have a good week, everyone!

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