Monday, July 29, 2013

Quick update

Hi folks - well, it's been a busy couple of weeks and I've been very slack at updating the blog.
First and foremost - go and click on Owen's blog in the left sidebar. He is doing FANTASTICALLY well and he and his mum were discharged to the Ronald McDonald house about nine days post-transplant! They'll be at the RMH for a while yet, while everything settles down, but he has been a total superstar and is doing brilliantly. It is so lovely to see his little face without oxygen tubing for the first time!
All is well here - Charlie had his brace fitted last Thursday, and he's coping pretty well with it so far. It's a 'removable appliance' according to the orthodontist, and he's supposed to wear it 24/7 apart from when he's cleaning his teeth.
He's still talking a bit strangely and he was very dribbly for the first couple of days, but it's definitely getting better. One of the biggest problems has been eating - he's supposed to wear his brace while having meals but it's been very tricky for him. (Those of you who've been reading for a while will know that eating has never really been one of his strong points...) He has acrylic plates holding his back teeth apart to give his front teeth room to move, but this means it's impossible to bite food - it was quite funny watching him trying to eat his toast - he'd put it in his mouth, bite down and pull it away, and it'd just slide through the gap between his jaws without breaking!
Anyway, I spoke to the orthodontist and they're happy for him to take the brace out for meals while he's getting used to it.
The metal clips holding it onto his back teeth have also been cutting into the inside of his cheeks, but I had an appointment with our regular dentist today, and she gave me some orthodontic wax for him to put over the sharp metal, and it seems to have made it much more comfortable for him.
We met up with Charlie's heart friend Thomas, his brother Sam, and their mum Lindsey at the Sealife Centre in Birmingham last week which was brilliant - the boys get on like a house on fire and it's lovely to see them having fun together. The picture is of the three of them waiting to go into the 4D cinema. It was such a fab day and we're already planning our Christmas get-together!
Rosie is full of fun and getting more grown up every day. She's talking more and more, and is such fun to be around.
I dug out Charlie's old buggy the other day, so we could have one in Pete's car and one in mine. It was a bit grubby, but Rose and I spent a happy morning scrubbing it all in the back garden and it came up as good as new! And, as you can see in the pic, Rosie thinks it's very comfortable!
Charlie's at holiday club at the church in the village every day this week from 10-12, which is keeping him busy! And he's hoping to spend a few days staying with Nanny soon, as soon as we've nailed down a date.
We had some new pictures taken of the kids the other day - we go to view them this week. Rosie was priceless to watch - the photographer had some music on in the background and Rose was far more interested in dancing than sitting still and saying cheese! I'll put them on the blog if they turn out ok!
I think that's about it for now - it's getting late and I need to hit the hay! Goodnight all!

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