Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thinking of Owen...

There's a little boy in the US who has HLHS like Charlie. His name is Owen Simmons, he loves superheroes, and his mum's blog is in my sidebar on the left.
I've been following his story for years now, and his mum and I are friends on FaceBook.
Owen was unable to have the Fontan surgery like Charlie, because his lung pressures were too high, so his medical team opted to take him down the transplant route.
He has been waiting on the transplant list for more than 325 days, and finally yesterday, the call came.
He was so excited to receive his new heart, and is in theatre right now.
I know his mum Andrea, dad Carson and big sister Kamryn would appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.
I'm thinking also of the brave donor family who have given this amazing gift in the midst of such a devastating time.

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Ann Fisher said...

What a gorgeous little boy. He'll be in my prayers, I hope it all goes well.