Monday, August 26, 2013

One of those happy, golden days...

We've had a lovely Bank Holiday - it was sunny when we got up, so we headed out to Cardiff Bay.
There was some sort of extreme sailing race on, with loads of boats whizzing round the bay, plus a man-made beach, loads of stalls, live music, rides and lots of nice food!
Rosie loved the carousel (although she was a bit miffed I had to sit on her horse with her!) and Charlie had a great time on the anti-gravity trampoline things. He also really enjoyed playing the big brother and taking Rose on a little kiddie rollercoaster too.
They both tucked into some fabulous welsh burgers and Rosie was bopping away to the bands, which were playing some well-known summery tracks.
Then we wandered over to the Dr Who Exhibition. Charlie's been itching to have a nose round since it moved to its new site, so Rosie had a kip in her buggy, Pete had a quiet hour with his book and a cup of coffee, and Chas and I went to battle some Daleks and Cybermen! Even though he's not quite as mad on Dr Who as he used to be, it's still a big favourite, and you can see from the pics how much he enjoyed himself!
Once we'd finished, we headed off to Toys R Us for a wander - I'd had a free £5 voucher through the post - you don't often get something for nothing, and there wasn't a minimum spend on it, so I said Charlie could have it.
He was tickled pink to find a reduced Skylander for his Wii game to spend it on!
We didn't do anything particularly special today - it was just nice being together and having fun. :-)

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