Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bring on the autumn!!

It was a bit chilly when the kids got up this morning, so they both wore their dressing gowns for the first time in ages, and enjoyed feeling snug while they ate their breakfast!
I have to say, I think we've hit that point in the summer - that pivotal point when you stop checking the weather forecast, hoping for hot weather and start looking forward to the nights drawing in and being able to wear boots and cardigans again! :-)
I've been clearing the loft this morning. I have got rid of so much stuff, but I really can't believe how much is STILL left up there. I'm beginning to think we have a magical never-emptying attic.
I need to ring the man from the British Heart Foundation to come and collect a load of stuff for the charity shop again, and we need to do a mega tip run too. In fact, a skip is starting to look like a good idea... I just filled Pete's car with two old TVs, an ancient hifi system, a toaster, two old stair gates, a broken printer, numerous boxes from things we no longer own, several large/broken plastic toys, and the car seat that was Charlie's when he was a baby.
Don't ask me why we put that lot in the loft in the first place... I have no clue. All I know is that I'm not putting ANYTHING back in the loft once it's tidy (probably some time in 2015...) unless it is ABSOLUTELY essential that we keep it!
On the plus side, I did discover a bag of hand-me-down clothes in Charlie's size from his cousin Harri, so he's got some trendy new togs to wear once I've washed them!

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