Thursday, November 14, 2013

One night down...

Well, Charlie's into his second day away, and I'm guessing that no news is good news!
There's no payphone there and the kids weren't allowed to take mobiles, so we'll have to wait until he gets back to hear all about it.
(I did have a momentary panic last night when the centre manager telephoned - but everything was fine - he just needed me to email him some info.)
I am skulking around the house feeling alternately miserable and then a bit pathetic for feeling miserable when he hasn't even been away for 24 hours yet!
Heaven help me when he leaves home...
The weather here is still pretty good - cold, but clear and sunny, so I'm hoping it's the same where he is. (Rather pitifully, I'm repeatedly checking three different weather forecasts on my phone - all of which are different - so I'm trusting whichever one I like the look of most at the time...)
Rosie is still a bit baffled by Charlie not being here - I think she thinks he's still on the bus somewhere! She wandered into his bedroom this morning and I reminded her that he's on holiday, but she pointed up to his bed on which she could see his bunched up pyjamas poking out from under his duvet - 'No mama - there he is!'
She was a bit miffed when I pointed out that it was just his PJs.
Her disappointment didn't last too long though - she's capitalised on his absence by snaffling his iPad to watch CBeebies (as you can see from the picture!)
Not sure what we're up to today - it's such a nice day though, we might go and wander round the garden centre for a bit and Rose can have a look at the Christmas trees and decorations. (Well, it is NEARLY December!)
Roll on tomorrow...

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